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Kottayam - 686503, Kerala, India

Phone : 0481 - 2551350

Mob : 9947084150 / 9656706850


Welcome to Vadakkel Rubber Nursery

In the world of Rubber Nurseries is the best of the best. The Rubber Nursery - the Nursery of Nurseries - was established in the year 1978. You get real value for your payment and the rubber plants supplied by Vadakkel Rubber Nursery are a valuable possession too. The undisputed fact is that is the doorway to the heaven of farming and cultivation. Every plant produced and supplied by is grafted to perfection and here you get something beyond your expectation. Our Nursery moves forward and the sales go higher and higher every year and we grow faster and faster.

The Rubber board of India has taken special attention and interest in recognizing the Vadakel Rubber Nursery. Prominent officials of the Rubber Board have come and seen the specialties of this nursery and approved the techniques adopted by the propreitor Raju V Jose.

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Root-Trainer Filling Machine

Root Trainer filling machine is invented by Accuplast Technologies, Bangalore .....

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About us

When we trace back to the origin of Vadakel Rubber Nursery, it is the story of the dream of a 9th standard student. He dreamt big and he reaped big. As a student he laid the foundation of his dream by planting rubber plants in five cents of land in his ancestoral property at Poovathilappu in the Akalakunnam Panchayath, Kottayam District in Kerala, South India. From this humble beginning he climbed up the steps of success and achievements until he reached the heights of glory and fame. So Vadakel Rubber Nursery is the story of a village boy who travelled a lot to reach the zenith of perfection and fame. He has taken the road not travelled by anyone.

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