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When we trace back to the origin of Vadakkel Rubber Nursery, it is the story of the dream of a 9th standard student. He dreamt big and he reaped big. As a student he laid the foundation of his dream by planting rubber plants in five cents of land in his ancestoral property at Poovathilappu in the Akalakunnam Panchayath, Kottayam District in Kerala, South India. From this humble beginning he climbed up the steps of success and achievements until he reached the heights of glory and fame. So Vadakkel Rubber Nursery is the story of a village boy who travelled a lot to reach the zenith of perfection and fame. He has taken the road not travelled by anyone.

If you Don't have a vision you're going to be stuck in what you know. And the only things you know is what you have already seen.

Now Vadakkel Rubber Nursery is the synonym of a perfect and quality oriented rubber nursery. It is world renowned and it is the first ISO certification Rubber Nursery in the world. When a rubber planter or cultivator thinks of rubber cultivation, automatically the name of Vadakkel Rubber Nursery comes to his mind. It has become so reputed that eminent personalities in the field of rubber cultivation and research have visited the Vadakkel Rubber Nursery to get first hand information of the best of its type. The Rubber board of India has taken special attention and interest in recognizing the Vadakkel Rubber Nursery. Prominent officials of the Rubber Board have come and seen the specialties of this nursery and approved the techniques adopted by the propreitor Raju V Jose.

A humble beginning from 5 cent land to 45 acres of Rubber plantation today, producing and marketing upto 9 lakh trees a year.

Raju V Jose can be rightly called a miracle man. He is hundred percent a self made man. His rags to riches story is mind blogging. He made his empire from scratches. As a ninth standard student, he sowed the seed of an empire in the field of rubber nursery. Now he reaps the reward which he duly deserves. The beginning was in five cents which has now spread to 45 acres. At the out set, he produced and supplied 2000 plants but now he markets 9 Lakhs a year. Whereever there is rubber plantation in India the plants supplied by Vadakkel Rubber Nursery can be seen. So the Indian Rubber planter thinks of Vadakkel Rubber Nursery as the best. Different varieties of rubber plants approved by the Rubber Board of India are produced and marketed by the Vadakkel Rubber Nursery. Each variety has Cup of separate colour so that rubber growers can easily identify the variety he cherish. The plants produced by the Vadakkel Rubber Nursery are crafted to perfection and the grower get something beyond usual.